About Us

Urban Sunflower is a family owned online boutique based in America's Heartland! What do I mean by family owned? Well, my kids help with the photos you see online and they help fill orders, my husband does all the numbers in the biz, I do all the purchasing and the creative thinking, my friends are my models and often my photographers....It takes a village, friends!  The fact that you're here, on this page, reading about it means dreams are coming true! I grew up working for major retailers and after college at my beloved Alma Mater, The University of Kansas, I continued on managing for one of my favorite retailers.  Soon after, my husband and I started our family with our first daughter, Taelyn. From the joy of bringing a child into the world came the struggle of balancing a full time career and motherhood and wife-hood! The joy I had once gained from helping long time customers find fashion that spoke to them was replaced with guilt and exhaustion from working 70+ hours a week, trying to make sales goals, trying to inspire a sales team, and still trying to be an attentive mommy! I knew the road that I had loved so much was overgrown and I wouldn't be able to travel it anymore.  Once I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd daughter, Jovie, I decided to open my own daycare. It was an incredible feat and I had never felt more accomplished than I did the day I was able to sustain an income and be at home with my babies.  Time went on and I had my last baby, my first son, Milo.  I continued on as an in-home daycare provider for 6 more years after his birth (9 years total). I loved my gig and all of the littles I was trusted to care for, but something was missing! I tried MLM's to feed my creative side, I edited blogs for friends, and made the most pinterest worthy kid-crafts you've ever seen, but it still wasn't enough!  Once Milo was finishing up daycare, I decided to close my doors and get my feet wet in the corporate world.  Luckily, a dear friend had an opening for me!  I sent my 3 kids to school, packed up my lunch and headed to work in an office like a big girl! But still, my creative, fashionable side was calling to me in a way that couldn't be sated with helping friends shop for family photo outfits and having MLM parties. So, I took the leap and opened Urban Sunflower!  As a Southwestern Kansas girl living in the KC area, I felt the title was fitting and it really spoke to my roots.  I truly believe I'm "blooming" in the city even though I've got small town roots.  I'm so excited to be here today, sharing my passion for fashion with you! Never doubt that I am grateful for each and every review, every purchase, and every social media share!  Owning my own boutique isn't about sales goals and 70 hour workweeks. It's about helping women find their style so they can put their best foot forward every day! It's about women finding themselves again through style. So, if you're here and you're reading this, you are part of a dream coming true!